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Chip Repair is a Billion Dollar Industry!

Restore Your Financial Future. . . Fast!

Walk onto a used-car lot of any new car dealership and you'll see cars with paint chips and scratches, or paint chip repair jobs that have left cars still looking noticeably damaged. Used car dealerships are loaded with cars that have been bombarded with paint rock chips and scratches that have either have not been repaired, or cars that have been repaired by an unsightly paint chip or scratch repair process.

Today's cars are being peppered with paint rock chips and scratches to the degree that conventional touch-up methods are unable to easily and affordably repair them.  Not only this, but evidence shows that those using conventional methods actually leave cars looking worse than before they were repaired.  Car dealers are desperately looking for something new in the auto paint chip and scratch repair!

Turn those little nicks and chips into. . .
                                . . . Some Really BIG Scratch!

NewTech's unique "PATENTED CHIP REPAIR PROCESS" is revolutionizing the automotive paint chip and scratch repair industry.  Car dealers absolutely love how their cars look after being repaired by our chip and scratch repair process, and as a result many of our licensees are enjoying substantial success. In fact, our paint chip repair process works so well that we now have established licensees in 31 states! Our team of touch-up professionals use our patented paint chip repair process and products all over the U.S.!

The facts are simple, new car automobile dealers spend billions of dollars a year merchandising their cars, and a large portion of that goes to paint chip and scratch repair.  With the damage cars are sustaining these days, many dealers are forced to send cars to the body shop and pay hundreds of dollars to fix them.  Not only this, but it takes their car out of inventory for weeks.  This time is crucial in the fast paced world of the car business.  Dealers want their cars fixed quickly and they want it done right.  That is where NewTech takes the field. 

NewTech's revolutionary patented paint chip repair process can repair a vehicle in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. 

Are You Creative, Handy & Like Working With Cars?

If you're looking for your own business and you love cars, NewTech is the company for you.  Don't settle for a cheap imitation or a shade-tree knock-off.  NewTech has the only U. S. Patent on this process (U. S. Patent # 7,320,811)

NewTech's paint chip & scratch repair products and service are simply superior.
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NewTech Touch-Up Systems, Inc. has over 50 years combined automotive experience among our professional staff.  In fact, NewTech's Director of Operations was a new car dealer so he knows what they want and how to give it to them!  This knowledge is invaluable.

If the following describes you:

Great with People
Entrepreneurial Spirit
You Love Cars
You Love Working Outdoors
You Don't Like to Work Weekends or Holidays

Then Call NewTech. . . 
We Have A Great "Business Opportunity" For You!